Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life Updates!

We have been living in our new home now for almost 2 months and we are loving it!  I think one of the best parts is how quite it is here!  No more planes flying over every 10 minutes, no crazy car traffic, no crazy drunk people screaming, just the birds chripping and the clocks ticking...I even took the batteries out of one clock cause the ticking was driving me crazy :) We do miss our friends in Ocean Beach/San Diego, Newbreak Church, my sister, and riding our bikes to the beach.  But we're excited for opportunities and adventures in North County SD.

Here's a mini tour of our home:

Downstairs- bathroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room.

Upstairs- stairs, bedroom, 2nd bedroom/office, and bathroom.

We are still working on the little patio.  The dirt needs some serious work and I can't wait to plant some flowers!

Greg is loving his new job with the Carlsbad fire department!  He is three months into the year probation so when he's not at the station, he's home studying or catching up on missed sleep.  This past Monday the department had the annual pinning ceremony- full of bag pipes, some great speeches, and I even had the honor of pinning Greg's badge. 

I have been busy lately with school and studying.  I am taking two science classes- microbiology and physiology.  Hopefully my brain can handle all this science stuff :) Still not sure what type of RN program I will apply to (associates, bachelors, masters)- still thinking/praying about it and looking for a pot of gold to pay for it :)


Hope 2012 is treating you great!!


  1. It looks beautiful!! So excited for you. I wouldn't apply for anything less than a bachelors because the trend is that more hospitals will be hiring bachelors at minimum. I am so happy for you, and can't wait to be a nurse buddy with you :)