Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Heart Table

How beautiful is this table?!  Greg made me this kitchen table this past June to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.  I was in need of some more counter space in the kitchen so he made the table to fit snugly next to the stove.  

Beautiful red roses too!  I am one lucky gal!

Here is Greg on how he made the table---

Well what an honor to be on the blog...So the table is made out of simple materials that you can pick up at Home Depot. The legs are 2x3 studs, the shelves/sides are 1/4" plywood, and the top is 3/4" plywood. I cut channels in the 2x3 studs with a router and secured the plywood into the channels with wood glue/18g brad nails. 

The heart cut out was a last minute addition and turned out to be my favorite part. I made a stencil with paper and cut out the plywood with a jig saw. 

I tacked some gray screen behind the heart to make it stand out a bit.
4"x4" white tiles were glued to the plywood top with liquid nails. The edges of the table were garnished with some trim I found at Home Depot.

Sarah loves the look of stained wood, so I used some Minwax "Early American" stain to finish of the table.

 Here is the table today in our new home!

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