Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Aid Kit Collection

Over the past couple of years I've become a big fan of flea markets.  My mom has been going flea marketing for years and years and has collected so many treasures.  She is now teaching me the art of flea marketing and in our last trip together I scored three awesome antique first aid kits!

At the first booth I found the blue kit and loved the color.  Kelli (my mom's friend and fellow flea market shopper) suggested doing a mini collection so I went for it!  I found two other kits in the trip and the first aid kit collection was born! 

The red frame was another find at a flea market that my mom painted and gave to me for Christmas.

Greg and I simply wrapped a cork board in burlap fabric and taped it down on the back with duc tape. Then screwed the first aid kits into the board.

The screws stuck out a bit on the back so Greg taught me how to use a new tool- a dremel!  It made lots of sparks and noise (we wore our safety glasses!), and was able to cut the screws down enough to not scratch the wall.  To hang the frame we used wiring and eye hooks.

One box even came with some vintage cotton! :)

Here is the first aid kit frame hung up in our downstairs bathroom!  

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