Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Blog World!

Hi there my blog reading friends and family!

I may be a little late in the blogging game but you know what they say...better late than never! Here I will post life updates and all about the fun adventures Greg and I go on.

For our first life update: we moved to Ocean Beach...a little beach community in San Diego.  Read all about Ocean Beach on the most trusted source for information AKA - Wikipedia -,_San_Diego

Greg got an awesome job in South/East County San Diego working as an Paramedic, something he has worked so hard for!  He doesn't get much sleep working at the station but he comes home with the most interesting stories everyday!  I am very, very proud of him!

After a few weeks of searching, I also got a job working at San Diego Habitat for Humanity.  Its a contracted position serving a year as their Faith Relations Associate (which means I work as the liaison with pastors and congregation leaders in the community to Habitat).

Come and visit us anytime in San Diego!  We would love to be your tour guides!