Monday, January 16, 2012

Favorite Flea Market Finds!

Flea markets have become one of my favorite places to find unique and fun things to fill our home! I'm not that great at it, but I love being able to bargain with the vendors and find affordable furniture and decor items within our budget. Yesterday I went with my mom, Kelli and good friends- Katie and Amanda to the Long Beach Flea Market to find some treasures- here's what I found!

Top left- a pretty blue and gold frame! ($6!)
Lower left- a shelf I will use for necklaces, earrings, perfume, etc! ($5!)
Right- A red shelf table thing! It's in the second bed room to add some color to the room. ($20!)

Here are some of my other favorite finds I have found over the past couple of years-

This is a pie safe they used back in the day to store pies.  The punched tin allowed air to come through and cool the pies.  I got it at the Long Beach flea market and use it as a dresser in our bedroom.  Eventually I want to sew some fabric curtains to put behind the glass.

I love these teal end tables!  I also got them at the LB flea market for only $25 each!

I got this trunk at the LB flea market ($30!) and have put some knick-knacks in our living room.

Since Greg has started working for the fire department I have found a love for all things fire related- fire helmets, fire engines, etc etc.  The lower left picture is a fire extinguisher I got at the Irvine flea market.  One day I would like to turn it into a lamp but for now it sits next to the trunk.  The middle picture is a fire helmet.  I loved this helmet because the front shield has SDFD- San Diego Fire Department - on it.  And the right picture is a just a fun chicken wire cage with a cute bird on the top :)

 This is the yellow life saver I got earlier this month! It's hung up on a small wall space above the stairs.

If you're in southern California check out your local flea market to find some of your own treasures!

Irvine- Great Park- 1st Sunday.
Pasadena- Rose Bowl- 2nd Sunday.
Long Beach- Veterans Stadium- 3rd Sunday.

Thanks Mom and Kelli for teaching me your flea market-ing ways!  When are we going next?! :)


  1. Love these finds! I'm going to have to check these flea markets out! Great work!

  2. Cool finds! I love the pie safe--how neat. The last flea market I went to was in grade school with my grandma :) I didn't even know they still happened!