Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Blue Desk

When Greg and I moved to Ocean Beach last year we needed a little desk to fit in our new little home.  Since we don't have a big budget for home decor, I searched Craigslist and found this cute little white sewing desk selling for $20.  It was the perfect size and after hearing our story (newlyweds, just moved into town) he gave it to us for FREE!  (What a nice man!)

Just the right size!  After Greg took his sander to the sides of the printer it fit right in there! :)

And now the makeover...

After some pretty blue paint (Home Depot- Martha Stewart- Artesian Well), a little home made curtain, and some new Anthropologie knobs (I had a giftcard- thanks mom!)...

Ta-da!  A new desk!

The printer still tucked away, but now hidden by the curtain.

Love these knobs!

I love how the little blue desk turned out!  

It only cost me about $15 to make (giftcards don't count in my brain) and it's perfect for storing our office essentials! 

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  1. You are amazing! keep up the blog please :) Love this desk, absolutely adorable!