Saturday, December 31, 2011

Framing Fabric

Framing fabric is a good way to add color or a pattern to any wall! Greg and I made these wooden frames for our kitchen and framed some fun fabric to match the other decor.  It was a great way to brighten up our boring, white apartment walls!

First we measured and cut the wood pieces (douglas fir, 2 in by 4 in) to fit the wall of the kitchen and used a router to cut the channels down the inside middle to fit the fabric into.

Lightly stained the pieces (Minwax- Early American).

We simply wrapped the fabric around cardboard then ducked taped it (Greg's favorite part!) to keep it in place.  Then placed the fabric board into the cut channels and screwed the pieces into place.  

So cheap and easy!  Love it!

I also did the same thing with a frame and some burlap fabric.

Small canvas print 

I wrapped the burlap around a piece of form board and secured it into place with pushpins (you can also use a hot glue).

Then used pushpins to hold up the small canvas print.  Again, so cheap and easy! ....Have I mentioned we are newlyweds on a budget :)

VoilĂ ! Happy Crafting!

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