Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Welcome to our "crib!"
Greg and I would like to give you a tour of our little home.  We have been living here for about 5 months and loving it!

This is the living room/library/office.  

I love the cabinets in the kitchen!  The brown flooring, not so much.

The country quilt. Thanks Morines Grandparents!

The mini closet.

I love that Anthropologie towel...Thanks Morines and Marchi family for the nice giftcard!

Greg's garage.  It's amazingly organized!

In other news, Greg and I went to the beach today- it was beautiful!

Check out that pier in the background...its the longest concrete pier on the West Coast!  Ocean Beach pride.


  1. Wow look at all those pictures! Great job designing our home :) You are such a fashionista!

  2. Love the way the various red items 'pop' against the white! Enjoyed "Ye Grande Tour".
    Ye Olde Grandma Lenore

  3. Forgot to add:

    Also like the way Greg "pops" up everywhere, sort of like Waldo, except much easier to spot!